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chaos = creativity

A few years ago, my friend, V and I went to an interesting seminar given by Krystyna Laycraft . She has an interesting theory relating chaos theory with creativity. Her equation looks simple yet has great applications, Chaos = Creativity. And since we came out of her little 1 hour seminar, I’ve been able devise insights into some of my dilemma’s; insights into my psyche; and insights into business, all using this new paradigm shift. All I can say is “Wow!”.


The reason for going was V had heard about this seminar and ask if it sounded interesting. I thought, “hey why not.” Next thing I knew, tickets where purchased and we where sitting in a small room of about 30 people and Krystyna started explaining chaos theory.

As a creative individual, I was hoping to use this to be able to re-open and kick start a small creative hump I’ve been having. But as I listened, and as V and I...

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